Tsar Fibre Spotlight: Bamboo Silk

Tsar Fibre Spotlight: Bamboo Silk

Spotlight on Bamboo

This month at Tsar we launched our newest fibre in the Tsar fibres collection: Bamboo Silk. We are pretty excited about it here at the studio because of its luxurious properties and cost-effectiveness. Bamboo silk looks and feels almost exactly like regular silk but is more hard wearing and less expensive. We love it for both commercial and residential projects, rugs and carpets. It is stunning on it’s own and also works well combined with NZ wool for beautiful highlights.

But what exactly is Bamboo Silk?

Bamboo silk is regenerated bamboo

It’s what is known as a regenerated fibre. It comes from a natural product and is then processed to become a yarn.  The bamboo plant is more sustainable to grow than other plants used for regenerated fibres such as trees or soy. Almost all the bamboo being used as a fibre comes from China as the patent for its manufacture is held there.

Willow design with Bamboo Silk

Bamboo has been used in clothing for a while now and recently has become the latest thing in flooring due to its ease of manufacture, lower price point and durability. What’s also great about it is that it can be made to have many different properties and act like a number of different fibres.

Aala with bamboo silk

In the case of Tsar’s new Bamboo Silk it is made to act like traditional silk. It is pure luxury underfoot and has a lustre that makes it a visual treat too. We love working with it and we think you are going to love living with it.

Tuileries design wth Bamboo Silk

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