TSAR’s Color of the Month: The Nobility of Purple

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Imagine you’re a merchant living in the Byzantine Empire. Your rulers wear flowing purple robes and sign their edicts in purple ink. Their heirs are described as being “born in the purple.” Then imagine yourself a successful artisan living in the Phoenician city of Tyre in what is now modern day Lebanon. You pay exorbitant amounts of money to obtain “Tyranian Purple” made from a species of sea snail known as Bolinus Brandaris. It’s so exceedingly rare that its worth its weight in silver and gold. You realize it takes as many as 250,000 mollusks to yield one ounce of the usable dye, but you’re willing to pay.

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Symbolized as the emboldened shade of ambition, nobility, luxury, and royalty; purple has opened the doors of human perception since the days of the alchemists and has beguiled artists for centuries.

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The omnipotent color that signifies wealth and position made appearances as far back as 25,000 years ago in pre-historic art. This color produces the most powerful wavelength on the color spectrum, making it one of the most impactful colors in human history.

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Fast-forward to the 21st Century and you’ll see the almighty purple echoing its legacy in all things fashion, innovation, design, and contemporary art. Even the miniscule and quirky purple necktie worn amongst political political and business leaders is synonymous with assertiveness and confidence.

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At TSAR we’ve taken the stalwart color and synchronized it’s magic into our own methods and construction of carpeting. Through the modern day process of dying yarns, hand-tufting, and use of natural fibres, we can acheive the richness and depth of the color.

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Any shade of purple from your own individual colour palette or desired accent options can be obtained from the TSAR house collection or custom made. Whether its soft furnishings, decorations, or artworks, we’ll create the perfect shade for your interiors to complement your aesthetic.

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As TSAR’s color of the month for May, we unfold the color purple under your feet and unleash your month into a a royal voyage of luxury, subtle nobility, and into a bespoke kingdom unlike any witnessed in carpeting history.

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