TSAR Designer Highlight: Phillip Silver’s Approach to Modern Classics and Timeless Luxury

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Can you tell us what motivated you to use this particular custom carpet from TSAR? 

This was a custom carpet I designed based on mid-century styling,  in particular the colors used by Yves St. Laurent for his Rive Gauche label.

What are some of the main elements you look for when choosing a carpet or rug when decorating your own interiors?

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I always like to have at least some part of the rug or carpet in silk. It gives a beautiful luster and luxury. A step from the ordinary!

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Shades of coral, beige, white, and pink delivers a unique, yet organic vibrancy to your residence. Why these particular colors?  

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Once again, the colors are base on the YSL label of the 70’s. Also living in Northern California, where the light is muted and filtered,  vibrant colors tend to be more in nature with the surroundings – this particular part of the world is very much like the South of France.

What are some of the Interior Design basics, objects, or elements you simply cannot live without in your daily work rituals?  

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I always have flowers (a must) and I love my art, as it’s what gives personality to a room.

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(All Photos Courtesy of Christopher Stark)








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