NYSE Boardroom
Pictured: Venetian Design, Exchange Room, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel via Interior Design

The NYSE went through a multi-phased refurbishment to recapture the energy and glamour of the neoclassical temple of commerce, completed in February 2018. International design and architect studios Rottett Studios and Studios Architecture were commissioned to renovate two upper floors of the eight-story 1903 building, developed as exclusive working and event spaces.

An ambitious design collaboration to develop solutions that would balance the old and new, stay within budget and perform aesthetically and functionally without any fine details falling short.

Faced with an exciting challenge, we were able to draw upon our expertise as pioneers in the custom rug and carpet industry, developing solutions that resulted in the ideal balance between both firm’s aesthetic visions and expectations being achieved.

NYSE 2018 (115)
Pictured: Custom Runner Design, Hallway, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel
Image via Business Insider



Mediating between the two firms was the priority; this involved sticking to brief, budget and prioritising areas in the NYSE according to the managers and the hierarchy of the various spaces. We used a range of our product offerings that not only fitted but suited the spaces, including Astoria, axminster, kartina and hand-tufted in different levels of complexity. Leaving both clients with an unforgettable design experience, and of course a refresh of the iconic historical establishment. 

Balancing managerial hierarchy and importance of the rooms allowed the right products to be specified based on varying degrees of luxury / design complexities / usage so the products not only fitted but suited the spaces.

Constant and clear communication allowed us to negotiate with project managers to meet strict deadlines for artwork production, sampling and the final delivery. Managing their expectations and the workload of our designers was essential. 

NYSE 2018 (6)
Pictured: Custom Venetian Design, Exchange Room, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel.


Inside the walls of the NYSE, our in-house designs Tuileries and Venetian were chosen and customised to be distinctive, suit the Neo-classical interiors and to serve purpose and functionality in the space.

We modified and revised in-house and custom designs numerous times to perfection, bringing together elements in the rooms, balancing old with new but also not losing the design details that make the pieces unique. The designs had to fit both visions and meet the aesthetics expectations of the firms. 

Image via Business Insider
NYSE 2018 (206)
Pictured: Custom Carpet Design, New St Room South, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel.
NYSE 2018 (119)
Pictured: Custom Carpet Design, Wall Street Room, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel.


We were given one total budget for 15 spaces of varying management hierarchies and quality expectations. This meant we had to allocate different budgets to each space based on a variety of factors, continuously adjusting specifications throughout the process.

Unwilling to compromise on aesthetics and quality, we worked tirelessly to find solutions by tweaking complexity and production techniques to find to suit status of rooms and remain in budget without aesthetics falling short.  

NYSE 2018 (11)
Pictured: Custom Venetian Design, Exchange Room, NYSE. Photography by Eric Laignel.


We’re alway honest with the performance of our products and refuse to work with and recommend inferior qualities that won’t perform in the space.

In order to specify the right solution for each individual space and ensure the product performs, the below considerations were taken into account: 

  • Amount of traffic throughout the life of the space including events etc.
  • Light exposure
  • Cleaning
  • Building maintenance
  • Occupational health and safety codes
  • Furniture including any caster chairs

Understanding the different spaces allowed us to specify the optimal performing product to last for each individual situation. 

Image via Business Insider

A remarkable collaboration and fabulous experience where we were able to test and prove the TSAR formula – balancing aesthetics, budget and performance.

For more information about the project or featured designs please contact Annie – annie@tsarusa.com.