Rohan Riley’s breadth of experience in hands-on furniture design, 3/D modelling, and construction has allowed him to create stark, prolific, and seamless interior design. His techniques emphasize the importance of allowing for improvisation with an innate desire to create flexible simplicity. These tools have given Riley license to transform what was once just a house nestled inside of a bay, into a bespoke, majestic, and timeless creation.

How did the Caraar Creek Brief project come about?

To begin with, the house itself needed a major overhaul, not just a minor update. Our goal was to make it more contemporary. Also, our clients love to entertain a lot, so their lifestyle as it pertains to the structure needed to operate like a hotel. At the beginning, we had to completely demolish the whole house and start over again. The advantage of this move is that it allowed us to re-position the house in a way that made the views more accessible and more beautiful. Now we could push the positioning of the house closer to the bay. So instead of following a simple brief for the client to make it more contemporary and simplified, the brief was then expanded. Overall, we ended up with this amazing structure.
What was the design brief for the carpets regarding the project?

It all evolved, but to tell you the truth, it was very improvised around the outside elements and in communicating a festive atmosphere. Each room is color-coded and has a theme. We also took a nod from surrounding elements in the environment. All the colors come back to the garden, the bay, and so on. We wanted to touch on the oranges and blues. We even talked to the landscapers and ideas began to flow. So our color palette began to develop organically.


Did the resulting design and specifications meet the brief?

Absolutely. We walked through the site and touched base with our clients pretty much every week. The whole process was absolutely fun. It was a true collaboration between the builder, landscaper, and client. Even though the original footprint was set in stone, we were still able to change things around because our client was so flexible.

 What were the moods, tones, and themes driving the project?

As you walk through the house you see the outside elements peaking in, even in the festive-colored carpets. These clients love to have a good party so they have rooms titled “The Sherry Room” “The Tequila Room” “The Wine Room” and so on. Also, we didn’t want to “over-design” anything. We wanted to keep things simple and understated because our client wanted to keep that boutique-hotel feel. As you walk through the house you see the outside elements peaking in, even in the festive-colored carpets.


What are some of the challenges and hurdles you faced during this project?

The only challenges were in the planning, but they were minor. We had a 5-meter height limit and there was an imaginary line on the site that we were not allowed to build on. That’s basically why the house is divided in two and why it’s at an angle.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.14.29 PM

What were the benchmark moments or memorable highlights that you took away from it?

Really, it’s the ideas that come into fruition. The biggest highlight is in knowing that you’re looking at an old house that’s going to be demolished in the beginning of the project, only to see it completely transform into something totally unrecognizable and different in the end. The process was actually a great highlight. When this project was being built, it became much better than what we all originally thought. This happened many times during the actual landscaping and building process. The view from the house was also an important benchmark, plus seeing the clients happy with their finished product.

You specialize in sketch design, 3D modeling, landscape, and furniture design/manufacturing. In what ways have these aspects helped you stand out as an Interior Designer?

I believe in putting all these practices together, because it helps us and our clients get the results they really need. When we envisage a project, we design from the ground up. I think having a landscape background allows a lot of freedom in how you reshape a building site. Having these skills helps tremendously, especially in adding to the scope of the projects, whether it’s an area for children to play in or a special area for dogs, the possibilities are endless. Having a background in furniture and construction really helps because it also provides a bespoke element in everything we do for the client.


Can you tell us what motivated you to use TSAR?

It’s about the quality. TSAR makes an overall good quality carpet and rug. We took samples to the client who wanted to get carpets made and she was struck by the colors. It spurred on from there. TSAR’s line of colors and the quality is what ultimately sold us, especially when our client fell in love with the bold oranges. Our client was also very particular about fiber, fabric, touch and feel specifications and TSAR met these requests. Also, the blue carpet we put in the lounge room had an uncanny ability to really change with the environment. This particular blue carpet complimented the water in the bay, down to the tiles in the swimming pool and the stones on the wall. That carpet really brings the bay into the whole house. One other aspect, as soon as you take your shoes off and walk around on a TSAR carpet it gives the most luxurious feeling underfoot. You find yourself immediately relaxed enough to enjoy your surroundings.

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This week at Tsar has been an eventful one!

Saturday InDesign Wrap Up

Last Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th we held our Saturday InDesign exhibition with our lovely friends at Cosh Living. We had a great time, made lots of new friends and really enjoyed getting out and introducing folks to our new Spring Collection – ‘Collection Royale.’

See our new Spring Collection here – http://www.tsar.com.au/blog/archives/237


Some of our team, Teresa Ceberek, Aliahn Sharpley, Tetchie Kleunder and Kate Martin.
Raj Nandan, CEO of the InDesign Media Group and our CEO David Sharpley
Our Tetchie Kleunder and Nicky Lobo, Habitus Editor


Win a Rug Competition

At Saturday InDesign we also drew the prize winner for our Tsar Win a Rug competition! Congratulations to Anne O’Halloran from Red Design. Lucky Anne can choose from our special stock collection a 100% NZ Wool rug of her choice!

Spotlight on Tsar – Dering Hall

Dering Hall, an online marketplace for interior designers, architects and artisans is currently featuring Tsar as a store front spotlight. Jump on the site and browse some of our products and portfolio.





Ebony Bar at DesignEx '12

Tsar was very excited to be part of the central action at this year’s DesignEx in June. Tsar designers Ross Cleland and Amanda Grant collaborated with 6hats‘ Daniel Dalla Riva on the Ebony Bar which formed part of the DesignEx hub.

Tsar at Ebony Bar

The brief was to create luxury floor coverings to compliment the space that acted as an oasis within the bustling exhibition floor – and so the Evolve series was born. Using natural geometric structures with subtle variations in scale, colour and texture, the designs shift and flow between individual rugs.

Evolve series at Ebony Bar

As well as being a visual feast they were, as all Tsar carpets are, made from hardy and luxurious fibres that lasted the distance to give DesignEx guests the perfect place to retreat and relax.

Evolve is designed by Ross Cleland. The rugs used in the Ebony bar were constructed with NZ wool. The Evolve design, can be custom ordered for Tsar clients in their choice of size, shape colours and fibres.