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Imagine you’re a merchant living in the Byzantine Empire. Your rulers wear flowing purple robes and sign their edicts in purple ink. Their heirs are described as being “born in the purple.” Then imagine yourself a successful artisan living in the Phoenician city of Tyre in what is now modern day Lebanon. You pay exorbitant amounts of money to obtain “Tyranian Purple” made from a species of sea snail known as Bolinus Brandaris. It’s so exceedingly rare that its worth its weight in silver and gold. You realize it takes as many as 250,000 mollusks to yield one ounce of the usable dye, but you’re willing to pay.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.42.08 AM Bolinus Brandaris

Symbolized as the emboldened shade of ambition, nobility, luxury, and royalty; purple has opened the doors of human perception since the days of the alchemists and has beguiled artists for centuries.

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The omnipotent color that signifies wealth and position made appearances as far back as 25,000 years ago in pre-historic art. This color produces the most powerful wavelength on the color spectrum, making it one of the most impactful colors in human history.

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Fast-forward to the 21st Century and you’ll see the almighty purple echoing its legacy in all things fashion, innovation, design, and contemporary art. Even the miniscule and quirky purple necktie worn amongst political political and business leaders is synonymous with assertiveness and confidence.

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At TSAR we’ve taken the stalwart color and synchronized it’s magic into our own methods and construction of carpeting. Through the modern day process of dying yarns, hand-tufting, and use of natural fibres, we can acheive the richness and depth of the color.

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Any shade of purple from your own individual colour palette or desired accent options can be obtained from the TSAR house collection or custom made. Whether its soft furnishings, decorations, or artworks, we’ll create the perfect shade for your interiors to complement your aesthetic.

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As TSAR’s color of the month for May, we unfold the color purple under your feet and unleash your month into a a royal voyage of luxury, subtle nobility, and into a bespoke kingdom unlike any witnessed in carpeting history.

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TSAR’s TREEKO collection catapults carpeting into another sphere of textural sophistication. It’s one colour cut and loop pile knitted carpet made from 100% New Zealand Wool offers singular quality and detail. The result; a carpet or rug with astonishing tactile and textural elements.


Alexiou_Glebe_Bedroom_crop_Treeko_Patchwork_1TREEKO Carpet Courtesy of Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture


TSAR’s approach to design with all collections is to provide carpets and rugs that go beyond immeasurable endurance and quality.

Treeko_Adela_5(Minimum 10m2 required and made to a maximum of 4m width)



The truth in TREEKO’s magic comes from the raised texture that’s produced on a knitting machine. This method ensures high density customizable color, making TREEKO a benchmark collection that provides the greatest value for the most intricate designs.




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Finding a foothold on visions and dreams is never as easy as it seems. With a passion for the French countryside and plenty of will power to boot, two determined Aussie couples embarked on the tireless quest of acquiring a breathtaking property. After an arduous hunt, Ian and Ruth Bird decided it was time to go back to their home in the U.K. while Ian’s brother David and his wife Marie returned to Australia from France. Once home Marie discovered an email highlighting clues to an undiscovered gem. With some deliberation, they decided it was time to take the irresistible, yet challenging opportunity to purchase a magnificently positioned property.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.23.05 AM

The glorious house appropriately titled La Maison Oiseux (House of Bird), is made up of two residences, and quietly nestled in the French countryside located in Cordes-Sur-Ciel. After signing on the dotted line, both couples realized that was only half the battle. Ultimately, they would have to begin the herculean task by designing the interiors remotely.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.23.18 AM

Faced with a major renovation, they decided to stay away from dark rooms with little daylight, mixed with garish color contrasts they had previously seen in the area. “The house has that special something that makes you throw caution to the wind,” says Ruth. That meant renovating from a distance and calling on the services of TSAR.


With the help of an architect, space was redesigned in order to maximize the views across the front of the property. Each of the partners relished the task of designing the interiors.


Paint colors were chosen to reflect the view and with the help of the design team at TSAR, two gorgeous rugs were designed to invite the colours from the magnificent countryside inside. One rug features wonderful sunflowers that are abundant in the fields nearby.


One could say that the property offers a home away from home, encompassing the epitome of true Joie de Vivre! Coupled with the secret essence of the beautiful French countryside, history, food and culture, TSAR has truly brought the bon vivant outside to the inside of La Maison Oiseaux.

The house is now available for rent. For inquiries and further information please contact Marie Bird:

“The Cetak collection is another example of our relentless pursuit to create the ultimate rugs with matching texture and feel to meet the expectation we have when looking at the ancient, timeless and beautiful designs.” – David Sharpley, CEO TSAR Carpets and Rugs

Cetak Collection
Cetak Collection

This collection pays homage to the aesthetic of Indonesian textiles. Although rug-making is traditionally a laborious and exacting process, the Cetak Collection challenges and celebrates spontaneity in craft and design.

Cetak Collection
Cetak Collection

Drawing on the art of woodblock printing, natural accidents in this ancient tradition are fully embraced, giving Cetak designs a beauty of serendipity, that give way to natural patterns and organic elements. The result is a raw, breezy and playful rug collection, perfect for contemporary and rustic inspired interiors.

Cetak Collection
Cetak Collection
“In real life the rugs are tactile and exceed the perception we adopt when seeing the beautiful designs. The actual texture are not industrious and don’t feel manufactured. The result is rewardingly remarkable.” David Sharpley, CEO TSAR Carpets
Cetak Collection
Cetak Collection


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.03.58 AM
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture

Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture features the TSAR  Treeko Collection and Freeform Designs located inside Sydney’s 251 Glebe Point Road.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.08.03 AM
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture

Located amongst the lively buzz of the Glebe shopping village, this original character-filled terrace offers stunning city skyline views.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.05.25 AM
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.05.45 AM
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture

The space emits design innovation that Alexiou has managed to execute perfectly by showcasing TSAR’s own Treeko and Freeform.

Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 10.06.57 AM
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture

Treeko and Freeform lend spaciousness to the master bedroom and living room while adding unlimited design possibilities for creating dimension and breadth to each space.

Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture
Charles Alexiou Interior Design and Architecture

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Visit Tsar Carpets to view the complete collections, projects, and design galleries.

TSAR Designer Julia Gentil

With major collections under her belt, TSAR Carpets and Rugs designer Julia Gentil is inspired by the world around her. Whether it’s in the form of scattered leaves, a concrete path or a rural lake, Gentil is fully aware of the potential TSAR Rugs and Carpets provides for all spaces. What’s most important for Gentil is her direct awareness of the potential rug designs have on all of our daily and visual experiences. Gentil’s background is accomplished, and innovative to say the least. Her hi-end retail branding experience in Sydney led her to Melbourne where she transitioned her skills and began to dedicate her time to the passionate and creative team at TSAR.

Tell us how you got started with TSAR, and all it’s wonderful beginnings?

I started working with TSAR in 2010. With a background in hi-end retail branding in Sydney, I had enjoyed a transition into rug design specializing in handknotted rugs. When I moved to Melbourne and joined TSAR I had to translate that knowledge across to hand tufted rugs and learn the business. TSAR is a family owned company with a team of dedicated and passionate people. With all the idiosyncrasies that come with a smaller company, there also comes a huge amount of autonomy and potential to create and push boundaries. TSAR is unique in this way. There is an ethos of celebrating the new and constantly challenging the known.

Thirlmere_Cardamom_Full copy
From the Mirage Collection in “Thirlmere Cardamom”

What collections have you designed for TSAR Carpets and Rugs?  

I have designed many one offs, custom client designs and collections for TSAR. Among my favorite are:
– Individual House Colleciton rugs: Autumnal and Berridale 2011
The Royale Collection 2012 (Brocade Royale, Patti, Doiley and Castallo)
– co-creating the Mirage Collection 2013 (Thirlmere and Jindabyne)
The Neva Fade Collection 2014
The Aquarelle Collection 2014
The Cetak Collection 2015 (Daun, Renda, Pita etc)

Autumnal Fawn
“Autumnal Fawn”- An original design by Julia Gentil


“Berridale Dusk” – An original design by Julia Gentil 
Autumnal Fawn Stairs
“Autumnal Fawn” Stairs

What made these collections successful in your opinion?

The jury is still out on the latest ones as to whether they are a success. It is really over time (9-18mths) where we see what has worked. Often we will have a range online and/or in the showroom and it will get lots of admiration but not actually take off commercially until after 8-9 months. Internally we like to console ourselves by exclaiming that we are “ahead of our time”. In general terms though, a collection that both aesthetically and conceptually engages with contemporary colours and themes, is forgiving to everyday living and fits into comfortable price ranges tend to succeed in Australia.

From the Aquarelle Collection in “Fabien”

What inspires you to bring your designs and visions to life?

Mostly I’m inspired by what’s around me. Whether it be scattered autumn leaves on the concrete path, a reflection of reeds at twilight on a rural lake, the splotches of a water colour palette… it is a real joy to be living with an awareness of potential rug designs in any visual experience. It keeps me on my toes and my eyes open to the textures and details of life.


Loft interior with brick wall and coffee table. 3d rendering
From the Cetak Collection in “Renda Mist”

What’s the one piece of advice you can give to a TSAR Customer shopping for a prospective rug or carpet?

My advice is consistent. Take a photo of your space you need “rugged”. Measure up, take pictures of anything that surrounds the space, paintings, lighting, the view. Collect swatches from the upholstery in the room and note what colour timbers are used if any. Set yourself a budget and take this information to a TSAR consultant. And then trust them. TSAR have been doing this a long time and are really good at tailoring the best design for the space. The best designs have come from the brief being thorough to begin with.

Pita_Fig Full
From the Cetak Collection in “Pita Fig”

TSAR has a prolific portfolio, spanning just over 30 years. Where do you see the future of TSAR at this moment in time?

TSAR have been tackling the US market for the last few years and this has been both challenging and exciting for the business. It has opened up doors for bigger markets and therefore more diverse aesthetics. I work a lot on R&D and the US potential has allowed this to be feasible. Exploring new fibers, techniques and suppliers all rely on having the market to embrace it. –

Welcome to Stand 11B  ‘Temporary Museum for New Design’ Zona Tortona, Superstudio, MILAN SALONE DEL MOBILE 2013

Tsar and David Trubridge Design have collaborated to bring David Trubridge Designs in Carpet as part of his installation at Milan,’The Elements’

Tsar carpets track the cycle of water, our life force, from the mountain to the forest floor.

The centre piece of the installation is RUAPEHU, New Zealands famous mountain.


The Cycle of Water continues to ICE


Through the waterways to DOUBTFUL SOUND

Doubtful Sound



and feeding the earth’s plants KOWHAI


until it leaves the earth back to the mountain leaving SPINIFEX


For the first time ever Tsar is at the Milan Salone del Mobile.

We are very proud of the collection of five rugs, (and a mountain) that are part of a collaborative installation designed by  

David Trubridge Design from New Zealand.  

The installation, called ‘The Elements’ was inspired by David Trubridge’s deep personal relationship with his natural environment.  David is motivated to bring this connection to his audience by conceiving his work directly from nature.  He believes that we all need to connect to our natural world, to learn to love it enough to want to save it.

Today an opportunity to make that contact arrived as a class of  5 year olds on an excursion.  It seems that teachers in Milano take their students to the design fair, not the zoo.  Now we know why the Italians are so brilliant at design!

The teacher was fabulous, without being prompted she led the children through the exhibition.

Listening to the teacher at the Milane Salone del Mobile 2013

We couldn’t let them leave without feeling the rugs

Learning through all the senses ..

We are proud to show you carpets made by TSAR in the ‘The Cloud House’ by Mc Bride Charles Ryan as seen in Grand Designs Australia Magazine, No. 1.3.Grand Designs Magazine


Grand Designs Australia Magazine pgs 120-121