Saturday indesign Singapore 2012Setting up SID Singapore

Saturday indesign Singapore was held on 6th Oct 2012.  TSAR joined Vantage Concepts and Bode at the Red Dot Design Museum for their first public event in Singapore.

Red Dot Design Museum visitors at SID Singapore

The exhibition was busy all day with so much to say and show.  There was always a hub of activity around the stand and TSAR was incredibly well received.

Red Dot Design Museum

TSAR exhibited with Vantage Concept and Bode in the fabulous Red Dot Design Museum.

Teresa Cebrek and Pauline Goh

Teresa Ceberek and Pauline Goh worked incredibly hard that week, hosting the SID exhibition AND a fabulous launch party for TSAR Singapore.

SID Singapore

Everyone loved our ability to customize the design, size, colours and yarn type of carpets and rugs.

SID Stand with Vantage and Bode

The stand was designed by the talented Albano Daminato from Studio Dominato.

End of the SID Singapore Day

When most of the participants were attending what looked like an amazing after party, Teresa and Pauline both chose a quiet evening with good food, a glass of wine and a foot bath!!


The fabulous launch of TSAR Singapore took place recently at the home of our Singapore associates, Pauline and Tam Goh from VANTAGE CONCEPT.

The Magnificent Home of Pauline Goh


Teresa and Michelle Setting up

Teresa Ceberek from TSAR Australia has been the tireless force behind the establishment of the exciting new partnership which marries TSAR’s customised carpets perfectly with Pauline’s many years of experience providing highest quality products to the interior design and architecture community of Singapore. Teresa is seen here with Michelle who will be dealing with enquiries regarding the TSAR product range.

Guests at TSAR Singapore Launch


Pauline Goh with Guests

Featuring Pauline Goh, our sensational hostess with guests Joanne Koh and Marlene of SC Global Developments

Teresa Cebrek of TSAR Australia

Teresa Ceberek from TSAR, obviously enjoying the evening, as is Deepu from Michael Fiebrich Design

Guests at TSAR Singapore Launch



The luxurious pile of TSAR’s NEVA Rows rug made with Bamboo Silk was a talking point of the night as the guests strolled over it in their bare feet. So luxuriously soft underfoot.   Tuileries by Julia Gentil, TSAR’s Creative Director also reflected the luxury that championed the evening.

Teresa Cebrek with Guests

Pauline introduces TSAR to Irene Meta of OUE and Ee Mun of WOHA  while Hui Huy of Duet Design gets the TSAR story from Teresa

Doiley by Julia Gentil

Doiley in Wool and Bamboo Silk by Julia Gentil

Guests at TSAR Singapore Launch




Jenny Lewis from Bode

Jenny Lewis from BODE and Terry Fripp from Kerry Hill Architects discuss the beautiful fabrics she supplies to the Designer and Architectural Market


Tsar Carpets we are well known for vibrant, innovative and specialised design.

What is not as well known is that we also create beautiful, subtle neutral designs for a range of projects and clients. Whether it be a delicate design in lovely soft tones or a luxurious texture, Tsar can custom make a neutral rug or carpet for the most sophisticated interior.

Willow – by Teresa Ceberek/NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk/2000mm x 3000mm/$4784.00

Aini – by Ross Cleland/100% Bamboo Silk/2000mm x 3000mm/$5745.00

Hotel – Custom Design/100% NZ Wool

Netta Sage – by Julia Gentil/NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk/2000mm x 3000mm/$3425.00

Chrysanthemum – by Ross Cleland/100% NZ Wool/Private Residence

Zen – by Teresa Ceberek/NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk/2000mm x 3000mm/$3710.00

Doiley Mist – by Julia Gentil/NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk/$4295.00

As with all our custom designs, we can specify fibres, size and colours to suit your space and budget.

See more of our neutrals here;

This week at Tsar has been an eventful one!

Saturday InDesign Wrap Up

Last Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th we held our Saturday InDesign exhibition with our lovely friends at Cosh Living. We had a great time, made lots of new friends and really enjoyed getting out and introducing folks to our new Spring Collection – ‘Collection Royale.’

See our new Spring Collection here –


Some of our team, Teresa Ceberek, Aliahn Sharpley, Tetchie Kleunder and Kate Martin.
Raj Nandan, CEO of the InDesign Media Group and our CEO David Sharpley
Our Tetchie Kleunder and Nicky Lobo, Habitus Editor


Win a Rug Competition

At Saturday InDesign we also drew the prize winner for our Tsar Win a Rug competition! Congratulations to Anne O’Halloran from Red Design. Lucky Anne can choose from our special stock collection a 100% NZ Wool rug of her choice!

Spotlight on Tsar – Dering Hall

Dering Hall, an online marketplace for interior designers, architects and artisans is currently featuring Tsar as a store front spotlight. Jump on the site and browse some of our products and portfolio.





Our lovely new Spring Collection!

Patti Cardamom
2000mm x 3000mm
NZ wool and Bamboo Silk

Brocade Royale
2000mm x 3000mm
NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk

Castallo Royale
3000mm x 4000mm
NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk

Doiley Mist
2000mm x 3000mm
NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk

Doiley Olive
2000mm x 3000mm
NZ Wool and Bamboo Silk

These fabulous designs are currently for sale in our showroom in the sizes above, or can be custom made in any colour, size or fibre that suits.

Check us out at Saturday In Design, on the 17th & 18th of August at Cosh Living’s Showroom in Collingwood…and you could WIN one of our 100% NZ Wool rugs!



You will be able to find us at the Cosh Living Showroom at 7-13 Rupert St Collingwood. We will have our designers present to chat to you about our range of gorgeous products, as well as some of our samples and full rugs to view insitu.

ALSO, another way to win a fabulous Tsar rug is to pre-register for Saturday In Design before Monday the 13th of August. Tsar has donated our Chantilly design as a S.i.D pre-registration prize.

Don’t miss out!

We are really excited to meet all you lovely people at this fabulous event!

Check out some of these links for more info on Saturday in Design and Cosh Living;




Manifold in the Sydney showroom

Introducing Manifold, Tsar’s latest design from one of our very talented Sydney designers, Danika Reeve.

A contemporary take on a bygone era, Manifold is inspired by geometric patterns of the 1970s. The design uses stippling to create a gradated palette giving a sense of movement and rhythm.  The varied, bevelled pile heights add a textural element. Manifold is an extremely versatile design making it perfect for a Tsar custom order.


Manifold by Danika Reeve


Ebony Bar at DesignEx '12

Tsar was very excited to be part of the central action at this year’s DesignEx in June. Tsar designers Ross Cleland and Amanda Grant collaborated with 6hats‘ Daniel Dalla Riva on the Ebony Bar which formed part of the DesignEx hub.

Tsar at Ebony Bar

The brief was to create luxury floor coverings to compliment the space that acted as an oasis within the bustling exhibition floor – and so the Evolve series was born. Using natural geometric structures with subtle variations in scale, colour and texture, the designs shift and flow between individual rugs.

Evolve series at Ebony Bar

As well as being a visual feast they were, as all Tsar carpets are, made from hardy and luxurious fibres that lasted the distance to give DesignEx guests the perfect place to retreat and relax.

Evolve is designed by Ross Cleland. The rugs used in the Ebony bar were constructed with NZ wool. The Evolve design, can be custom ordered for Tsar clients in their choice of size, shape colours and fibres.

Spotlight on Bamboo

This month at Tsar we launched our newest fibre in the Tsar fibres collection: Bamboo Silk. We are pretty excited about it here at the studio because of its luxurious properties and cost-effectiveness. Bamboo silk looks and feels almost exactly like regular silk but is more hard wearing and less expensive. We love it for both commercial and residential projects, rugs and carpets. It is stunning on it’s own and also works well combined with NZ wool for beautiful highlights.

But what exactly is Bamboo Silk?

Bamboo silk is regenerated bamboo

It’s what is known as a regenerated fibre. It comes from a natural product and is then processed to become a yarn.  The bamboo plant is more sustainable to grow than other plants used for regenerated fibres such as trees or soy. Almost all the bamboo being used as a fibre comes from China as the patent for its manufacture is held there.

Willow design with Bamboo Silk

Bamboo has been used in clothing for a while now and recently has become the latest thing in flooring due to its ease of manufacture, lower price point and durability. What’s also great about it is that it can be made to have many different properties and act like a number of different fibres.

Aala with bamboo silk

In the case of Tsar’s new Bamboo Silk it is made to act like traditional silk. It is pure luxury underfoot and has a lustre that makes it a visual treat too. We love working with it and we think you are going to love living with it.

Tuileries design wth Bamboo Silk